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  What does "sod off" mean?

According to Cambridge International Dictionaries:
Sod off means go away.
Oh sod off, you stupid git!
She told him to sod off.
According to the Dictionary Of Slang:
Sod off Verb. Go away. Imper. Mild compared to 'fuck off' or 'piss off.'

What are digital postcards and what service does Sod Off dot com provide?

A digital postcard is an image accompanied by a special message meant for a single recipient. The recipient of the postcard goes to a web page and views the image and message together.

The way this works is as follows:
  1. The person sending the postcard goes to a digital postcard site (such as this one) and selects the image he/she wishes to send and enters the message to accompany the image and the details of the intended recipient.

  2. When the sender submits the form a program on the postcard site sends an email to the recipient and tells them that a postcard is waiting for them. The email includes a unique URL (web page address) where the postcard can be collected and viewed.

  3. When the recipient goes to the web page, a program on the postcard site displays the image and message for that recipient (it knows who the recipient is because of the unique URL).

  4. On some postcard sites (such as this one), the sender can choose to be sent an email when the postcard is collected so he/she knows that the recipient has seen the message.
That's it.

Sod Off dot com is different to most postcard sites because we offer 'insulting digital postcards'.

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