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  Abuse Reporting and Prevention

We don't like it when someone (ab)uses our service to send someone a malicious or ill-intentioned postcard. They're meant to be fun, but we understand that sometimes people don't send them with the same purpose.

If you have received a postcard and you didn't enjoy it or you wish to block your email address or your domain name from receiving our postcards in the future, please review the various options below:
  Blocking Your Email Address
You can prevent any more postcards being sent to you by simply entering your email address in the form below:
Email Address:   
  Blocking Your Domain Name
If you would like to block any postcards being sent to your domain (if you are a company, for example), please email with the domain name you would like to block. Please note that the email must be sent from an address on the domain being blocked.
  Getting Information About The Sender
We are extremely reluctant to provide information on the sender of a postcard. However, if a postcard is part of a campaign of malicious intent we'll be happy to assist wherever possible.
  Getting More Help
If you haven't found a reasonable solution on this page, please email and we shall do our best to help resolve the matter.

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Abuse Reporting and Prevention